Voices from the ether

I find my job very interesting, not only because I get to do interesting things, but also because I get to spend a lot of time filling spreadsheets. You might be thinking that I am a lunatic, but I do find spreadsheet interesting (don’t you get that feeling of triumph when the formula you have concocted works perfectly?) and I love having long hours to listen to things. At first I used to listen to music, but I have to say I lack the talent (and patience) for playlists); I then tried to get into audiobooks, but I already expected it to be a failure: I struggle to keep my attention at the same level for so long, especially because I am working, and I need to be able to switch off and on without loosing a pivotal turn of events in the plot.

So, that’s why I have turned to podcasts. I made some research and started listening here and there…and now I am listening to so many I have decided I should share the list. Here you go, dear 25 readers, enjoy!

Narrative podcasts – stand-alone episodes:

  • The Truth: their slogan is “movies for your ears”. Every episode is different in plot and genre.
  • The Snap Judgement: part stand -up, part narration, part interviews. Again, the genre varies a lot. Each episode lasts about 1 hour and contains about 4 different stories.
  • The Heart Radio: real-life stories and fiction about “intimacy and humanity”. Sexuality, relationships are among the frequent themes of the podcast.

Mistery, Horror and Sci-Fi:

  • The Black Tapes: serialised docu-drama about the unsolved paranormal cases recorded on Dr Strand’s black tapes. Intensely gripping.
  • Tanis: twin podcast of The Black Tapes, this takes more a Sci-Fi angle. It takes slighly longer to get into it, but when it happens, well, you are lost.
  • Limetown: the research facility of Limetown, together with all the people living there, suddenly disappeared. Lia Haddock starts investigating about it out of interest, but soon discovers that she is much more involved in this mystery than she thought.
  • Archive 81: Daniel disappeared and has left some tapes to his friend Mark. Each episode Mark plays one tape, each tape is weirder than the previous one.
  • Ars Paradoxica: Doctor Sally Grissom accidentally invents time travel and finds herself in 1943. A lot of scientific jargon, but hey, what’s not to love.
  • The Bright Sessions: Dr Bright is a psychologist, but not the usual kind. She only treats “special” patients, patients with superpowers. Simply great.
  • The Bridge: in an alternate 2016, a transcontinental bridge connects Europe with America; it has been built, but also abandoned. The Watchtowers though are still manned, and Etta broadcasts folklore stories from the bridge…together with the traffic reports, because that is supposed to be her job.
  • Alice isn’t Dead: a road trip through America in search for a wife which might or might not be dead.

General Culture Podcasts:

  • The Moth: top quality stand-up narration by stellar speakers.
  • Lore: how has folklore from the Old Continent adapted to America? Listen to this podcast to find out.

Here you go. I am sure I have forgotten some, but these are the one I listen to on a regular basis.


Happy 2017 🙂



I realised I had forgotten 2 podcasts!! Shame on me.

  • Life After: what if there was a social media which reproduces the voice of the loved ones you have lost?
  • The Message: 70 years ago we received a message from outer space, someone is trying to decipher it, but this is not without consequences.




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